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The Best Version of You – Blueprint

If you’re serious about your training/sport and nutrition then this E-Book will help you to achieve your BEST version of YOU!!

BLUEPRINT The Best Version of YOU

When we, as an individual, decide that we want to be fit and healthy then we research on Google or the internet the best ways to be fit and healthy. There are so many responses that it confuses the heck out of you so you try this and then that doesn’t work or you try that and that seems to not work either.. then you try this, that and everything else but nothing seems to work for you.

Unfortunately, at this stage, you’ve hit a point where yo yo dieting (trying every diet under the sun going from low carb/high protein to limited calories, intermittent fasting etc.) controls your life and training seems to be put on the back burner and you are very disinterested. That’s when you go “ok I think it’s time I get a PT or look online for some training and nutrition”.

This too can be somewhat confusing as there are again so many programs and PT’s trying to convince you that their information on Nutrition and training is the best and they advertise these brilliant pages so you get drawn in. You end up going through their information and realising “oh yea this is the BOM man!! This is for me”. You pay your hard earned money only to get generic programs and nutrition and it doesn’t work for you yet again.

Trust me, as a PT/Nutritional Advisor/Strength & Conditioning Coach/Sports coach I have seen this all too many times and it breaks my heart to think that people are tricked into purchasing programs (I too have done this on many occasion) and wasting your money.

People spend thousands on their fitness journey but, unfortunately, sometimes this can be a devastating journey. So People give up, lose interest and motivation and don’t beckon to try again. That just saddens me…. You might be thinking, well what’s the difference with me ripping you off as opposed to any other PT/Nutritionist/Trainer ripping me off?

I will give you the tools to ensure your training/nutrition regime hits your PB’s and give you the POWER to change YOU.

So, if this is of any interest to you then click on the button and invest in my E-Book below. You will be blown away at your progress!!

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